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10 Types of Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the process of making multiple sales or service calls. Outbound call centers use telephone sales representatives (TSRs) to aid in your company’s marketing campaign. Telemarketing service providers are ready to help your business with various types of telemarketing. Some providers specialize in specific types of marketing, while others are more broad-based. Below is a list of the ten most common types of telemarketing. Decide what type of campaign you are launching, then learn to ask the right questions of telemarketing call centers.

10 types of telemarketing

  1. Charity and Fund Raising Calls attempting to raise money and awareness for charitable funds. If calls are made in-house, charity telemarketing calls are exempt from the Do Not Call Registry guidelines.
  2. Customer Appreciation – Calls made solely to thank a customer for loyalty to your business. These calls are NOT sales calls.
  3. Database Clean-Up – A process used to ensure a company’s customer information database is accurate. These calls may verify such information as address, phone number, current account holder, account type and desired level of service.
  4. Direct Sales – When a Telephone Sales Representative calls a number on a list and attempts to sell a product or service.
  5. Get Out and Vote – Calls aimed at motivating citizens to vote for a particular candidate. If done in-house, “get out and vote” calls may be exempt from the Do Not Call Registry guidelines.
  6. Lead Setting – Calls geared towards amassing sales leads.
  7. Market Research – Calls done purely for research in an attempt to gather accurate information about consumers in a certain market.
  8. New Customer Acquisition – Also known as “cold-calling.” A TSR calls a number on a list and solicits business with no prior business relationship in place.
  9. Renewal Telemarketing – Agent calls to check for renewal of a subscription, service or membership.
  10. Retention Telemarketing – If a customer cancels a membership, subscription or service, a Telephone Sales Representative will call and attempt to win back customer loyalty.

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