Offshore Telemarketing: The Pros and Cons

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Do the positives outweigh the negatives?

The practice of hiring a telemarketing call center that is located in a different country in known as “off-shoring.” Companies in the U.S. often outsource telemarketing to offshore firms in order to save money. And while the price of services should never be the only factor considered when you hire a telemarketing provider, it is one of the main advantages of taking your campaign to an offshore provider. Offshore telemarketing can be controversial because while you may be saving money, the level of service is often lacking.

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Offshore Telemarketing: The Pros

1. Caters to International Customers

Offshore call centers can offer a better understanding of clients from different locales. TSRs will be more culturally diverse and can increase the possibility of increasing your market globally.

2. Multilingual Sales Support

If you are catering to a global market, then having agents that can communicate with your customers in multiple languages is key to your marketing success. Offshore call centers offer multilingual support at the most competitive pricing.

3. Cost-effective Marketing

There is significantly less cost to hire an offshore call center due to lower labor costs and lower taxation.

Offshore Telemarketing: The Cons

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1. Communication and Cultural Barriers

Your customers’ level of satisfaction could dramatically decrease if the overseas agents lack the cultural knowledge, fluency and communication skills needed for superior support.

2. Less Control Over Business Operations

Because of the call center’s distance from your business, quality assurance, and proper procedures are difficult to manage from afar.

Offshore call center agents may be unfamiliar with company policy, culture, and practices. Offshore TSRs may not be invested in your marketing campaign. Consequently, the level of service they provide may not meet your company standards.

3. Hidden Costs

When offshoring your telemarketing campaign, you may need a lawyer who is well versed in international law in case any legal issues arise. If you are losing customers due to poor customer service, there will be an additional cost to regain their trust and business.

4. Security/Privacy Concerns

Overseas call center agents are usually not subject to the same background checks as US-based agents. Confidential information could be compromised. This is a risk you must consider.

In short, weigh your options. Know what to ask your telemarketing service provider. If your telemarketing campaign requires high security and oversight, hiring an offshore telemarketing provider is probably not the best route for you. But, if you are looking to grow your market globally with a sales force that can handle international marketing, then take a closer look at offshore call centers.

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