Can Telemarketing Help with Market Research?

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Benefits of Telemarketing

What is the target audience for your product? How do you find out more about that target audience to retain them as loyal customers? Do you need to conduct research to determine the value or profitability of a new product line?

Hiring a telemarketing call center to handle market research is a great way to boost growth. The right telemarketing call center should collect key data about the market in question and free you of the burden of managing outbound calls from your office.

market research

Market research can help your business with all of the following goals:

  1. Define market opportunities. Is the market ready for your product or service? What do people want?
  2. Gauge customer satisfaction. What do your customers think of your product? What do they think of you?
  3. Generate and evaluate marketing actions. Are there other potential markets for the product or services you provide?
  4. Monitor product performance. Where do you sit in terms of market price and value?
  5. Reveal information about competitors. What does the statistical data say about your product vs. your competitor’s product?
  6. Find problems. Why are sales slumping? Identify weaknesses and make changes.

Choosing a Provider

Ongoing market research allows you to improve your product, increase sales and identify relevant markets for your business. Hire someone who knows what they’re doing and take that burden off your shoulders. Picking the right outbound call center and knowing what questions to ask a telemarketing service will help you find the best outbound call center for your marketing research campaign.

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For more information on how a telemarketing call center can help your business visit our Telemarketing Buyer’s Guide.

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