How to Write a Winning Inbound Call Center Script

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Script Essentials

Developing a winning script is essential to running a successful call center. You know a bad script when you hear one. It feels robotic, forced and untimely, sometimes even unsympathetic. You may have sophisticated technology and high-quality agents, but without a well-written script, you’re not going to make the sale. Good news: script writing isn’t difficult! Award-winning call center script writers from around the world follow a few very simple techniques. Set your inbound call center agents up for success by putting these into practice.

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The first rule of call center script writing is “KISS”—Keep It Simple, Silly! Did you know that newspapers are written at a ninth grade reading level? Well, your scripts should be just as easy to understand! Be as direct as possible. Keep it short and simple. Clarity is key.

2. Consistency

A good inbound call center script will be rehearsed and used over and over again. But it will sound natural every time it is delivered. If you change your scripts too often, you will never have any idea what works and what doesn’t. In order to get great results, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) must practice the same script repeatedly. Only then should you start the fine-tuning, once they’ve had some experience with it.

3. Never Assume

Your CSRs are the resident experts on your team. The script should speak to the customer without making ANY assumptions. Do not use words or phrases that only your co-workers understand—business lingo or technical jargon will only alienate your customers. Ask yourself: “Would my neighbor, who knows nothing about what I do, understand what this script is saying?”

4. Performance

Let your agent’s performance determine which scripts work and which do not. Although each script will be slightly tailored to the individual agent, there should be a master script that every agent uses as a reference. As a customer service representative gets to know the script, you can revise it to suit their style.

If your top performers are serving customers with their current script (within your company’s guidelines, of course), don’t change a thing! Leave them alone! Most top agents have their own individual style, which is not easy to duplicate for the entire call center. Instead, ask that other agents try to learn “key phrases” or “ key words” from the successful CSR’s and then incorporate these phrases into their scripts.

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