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How to Write a Winning Inbound Call Center Script


Developing a winning script is an imperative step for businesses hiring inbound call centers. Following these tips, given to you by telemarketing veteran and award-winning call center script writer Curt Malay, you will be sure to write scripts that helps set you and your inbound call center agents up for success!


The first rule of call center script writing is “KISS”—Keep It Simple, Silly! Newspapers are written at a ninth grade reading level, and your scripts should be similarly easy to understand. Be as direct as possible, clarity is key.


A good inbound call center script will be rehearsed and used over and over again, however it will sound very natural when delivered. If you try different scripts all the time you will never have any idea what works and what doesn’t. In order to get great results, Customer Service Representatives, (CSRs), must practice the same script repeatedly, fine-tuning it only after they have experience with it.

Never Assume

Your CSRs are the resident experts on your service. The script should speak to the customer without assuming anything. Do not use words or phrases that only your co-workers understand—that just alienates your customer. Ask yourself this, “Would my neighbor, who knows nothing about what I do, understand what the script is presenting?”


Let your agent’s performance determine which scripts work and which do not. Although each script must be slightly tailored for each agent, there should be a master script to which every agent refers. As a customer service representative gets to know the script, you can revise each script slightly to perfectly suit their style and ability.

If the call center’s top performers are serving customers (within your company’s guidelines) then leave them alone! Most top agents have their own individual style of service, so it can not be easily be duplicated by the entire call center. Instead, ask that other agents try to learn “key phrases” or “ key words” from the successful CSR’s and incorporate these into scripts that lower performing agents use.

About Our Expert

Before joining 360Partners Curt worked at Harte-Hanks overseeing many business to business projects in the technology industry. Prior to Harte-Hanks Curt worked for Charlton where he oversaw a breadth of projects for one of Charlton’s inbound/outbound call centers employing more then 425+ employees.

Additionally Curt has managed call centers in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska, San Antonio, Texas, Monroe, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas. He has overseen and implemented many Fortune 1000 marketing projects that include the following inbound and outbound competencies: lead generation, fund raising, data base clean up, market research, appointment setting, customer retention, direct sales, channel sales and new customer acquisition.

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